eLearning Africa / EdTech Hub Survey on Covid-19 and Education

Thank you for agreeing to complete the eLearning Africa / EdTech Hub Survey Questionnaire. We are very grateful for your support and value you as a colleague and friend.

We are consulting a sample of our network of experts and practitioners about their opinions, experience and expectations regarding the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on education. Our network of experts and practitioners is unique, as it is both international and cross-sectoral. Participants in this survey come from many countries and understand the use of technology in education in Africa. Their experience will provide both important insights and lessons that we can all learn about how we can protect and improve education in the future.

The eLearning Africa / EdTech Hub Survey's findings will form the basis of a report, which will be published online.

We hope that it will help to inform policy and debate about education in Africa at a time of a devastating global health emergency and the role of technology in mitigating its effects.

Thank you for giving us the benefit of your time, experience and wisdom.