eLearning Africa Survey

The eLearning Africa Survey provides an opportunity for you to let us have your views on a number of important subjects relating to the use ICTs for learning and training in Africa. Your views will form part of a general opinion survey of the eLearning Africa network and will not be directly attributed to you. We are most grateful to you for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire, which will provide an important snapshot of opinion and experience. 

1. Optional ( if you would like to enter for the prize draw and/or receive the Survey results, please complete this section. Your details and responses will be handled confidentially)

 Full Name:

Job Title:
E-Mail address:
2. Where do you live?
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I work in an
3. In which sector do you work?
The Education and Training Sector and if yes, please specify:
The Public Sector and if yes, please specify:
The Corporate Sector and if yes, please specify:
Civil Society and if yes, please specify:
4. What is your job title?
5. Have you ever used ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) for...
Studying / learning
Teaching / coaching
Skills development
Knowledge management
Online Collaboration
6. Which of the following devices do you use on a regular basis?
7. Does your organisation/institution provide technology assisted learning and training in any form?
If ‘yes’, what forms of solutions, methods and tools does it offer/use?
8. In which ways are Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) used for learning and development for employees in your workplace?
9. Do you have sufficient Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for your education / training needs?
If “No” please specify
10. Do you find it difficult to implement new technologies in your organisation/institution?
If “No” please specify:
11. How long does it take you to adapt your organisation/institution to the implementation of new technologies?
What are the biggest constraints?
Do you have a problem with your students/learners/employees adapting to new technologies?
If yes, please explain the reason:
12. Would you be interested to know more about ... (Please tick all those which are of interest)
13. Which of the following important developments technology do you consider will most affect African education and training in the next five years?
14. Which one of the following trends do you think is most likely to increase demand for new learning and training technologies in Africa?
15. Which of the following do you consider to be the greatest obstacle to improving education and training in Africa?
16. In general, would you say that your view of Africa’s prospects over the next decade is positive or negative?
Please give at least one reason for your decision.
17. Have you ever attended eLearning Africa, the continent’s largest conference on technology-assisted learning and training?
If yes, when? -- And, what were your impressions of:
ExcellentVery goodGoodFairPoor
a) the conference
b) the exhibition
Were there any outcomes as a result of your attendance, either personal or professional, which you would like to share?
18. Are you planning to attend eLearning Africa 2018?
If no, please explain the reason:
19. What do you consider will be the most significant benefit you will gain by attending eLearning Africa?
20. Would you recommend eLearning Africa to your friends and colleagues?